Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi

Medieval Stained Glass in Great Britain

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Websites of the Corpus Vitrearum

CVMA International
CVMA Austria
A well-illustrated website in German.
CVMA France (Centre André Chastel)
The Centre André Chastel Centre in Paris specializes in French art history, including stained glass. The glass team produces CVMA volumes and is led by Dr Claudine Lautier, and the site includes images of stained glass.
CVMA Germany - Freiburg
Information on the organization and activities of CVMA Freiburg; includes a limited picture gallery. Some information in English.
CVMA Germany - Potsdam
Information on publications by and contacts at CVMA Potsdam. A page in English is in preparation.
CVMA Germany - Freiburg - Esslingen
Informative site, authored by CVMA Freiburg, on the extensive thirteenth and fourteenth-century stained glass of Esslingen, Germany. Includes information in English.
CVMA Italy
Searchable database of Italian stained glass.
Corpus Vitrearum Switzerland
The Swiss Corpus Vitrearum is hosted by the Vitrocentre, the Swiss research centre for stained glass and art glass.
Corpus Vitrearum USA
A short guide to the members and activities of the Corpus Vitrearum USA
Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi

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