Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi

Medieval Stained Glass in Great Britain

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The aim of the CVMA (GB) is to publish all medieval stained glass in Great Britain to 1540. The project has two principal series of print publications, one of Monographs and one of Summary Catalogues, as well as some occasional publications. The first volume was published in 1972, and research continues. The project’s authors are listed on the Personnel page.

Some volumes focus upon specific counties; others focus on single monuments or windows with outstanding collections of glass. There are also two thematic volumes devoted to national surveys of roundels, a popular form in the later middle ages.

A special grant awarded by the British Academy Projects Committee in 2006 made it possible to establish a digital publication framework. This will speed up access to research results and is intended to bring the work of the CVMA (GB) to a wide non-specialist audience and facilitate debate among scholars.

Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi

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