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Medieval Stained Glass in Great Britain

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Norfolk: East Harling, Parish Church of Sts Peter and Paul

O.S. TL 990867

Manuscript Sources

  • BL, MS Lansdowne 260, ff. 183v–185v, Robert Kemp, Heraldic Collection, c.1575
  • NRO, NAS 1/1/13 Giltcross Hundred
  • NRO, D5.594 (352x3), unfoliated church notes, 1667
  • NRO, D5.594 (352x3), transcription of medieval bede roll, c.1667
  • BL, Add. MS 6728, ff. 212r, 213r, 214r, Thomas Kerrich, Collections, late 18th/19th century
  • Add. MS 14823, f.6r, Craven Ord, Journal of tours in the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk, 1781–97
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  • NRO, D5.594 (352x3), Antiquities in ye Church of East Harling in Norfolk, 19th century
  • NRO, (Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society), George A. King, collection of watercolours and sketches, late 19th/early 20th century
  • Present whereabouts unknown, C. Woodforde, Ancient Glass in Norfolk, pp. 24–31, typescript notes, c.1935–50

Print Sources

Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi

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