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Medieval Stained Glass in Great Britain

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Norfolk: Kelling, Parish Church of St Mary

O.S. TG 089418

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sIV 2a.

2a. Crowned and nimbed abbess standing in a canopied niche against a plain ruby background, facing to sinister, holding a book in her right hand and a crozier in her left, wearing a blue habit edged with a yellow-stain pattern and lined with ermine, with white wimple. There is an ears-of-barley pedestal and ruby glass at the bottom of the panel, which may have been cut down. Trace-line, stipple shading, matt wash, relieving. White, pot-blue and flashed-ruby glass, with yellow stain. c.1440 – c.1450. The ruby glass is probably modern, and a small piece of the right side shaft has been replaced. Medium external corrosion, but heavy on the blue glass, which is opaque in places; moderate paint loss.
h 0.53m, w 0.205m
NMR BH062_06 (1976, col. trans., CVMA inv. no.016147 (pre-restoration)); DK (2008)

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sIV 2b.

2b. Crowned and nimbed female saint standing in a canopied niche against a plain blue background, facing to sinister with her right hand raised and pointing, wearing a ruby mantle with yellow-stain hem over a white robe decorated with yellow florets. There is an ears-of-barley pedestal and blue glass at the bottom, which may have been cut down. Technique as 2a. c.1440 – c.1450. Part of drapery and side shaft on right lost and patched with medieval fragments; top piece of canopy is an intrusion. Medium external corrosion, heavier on the blue, with some paint loss on the canopy.
h 0.49m, w 0.204m
NMR BH 062_05 (1976, col. trans., CVMA inv. no. 016146 (pre-restoration)); DK (2008)

2c. Nimbed and crowned abbess, but facing to dexter, from reversed cartoon for figure in 2a, and carrying a larger book. Technique as 2a. c.1440 – c.1450. Heavy corrosion, especially on the face; severe paint loss on canopy.
h 0.485m, w 0.205m
DK (2008)

C1. Quatrefoil leaf ornament, set on modern white glass. Trace-line, matt wash, relieving. White glass. 15th-c. Some paint loss.
h 0.18m, w 0.16m
DK (2008)

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