Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi

Medieval Stained Glass in Great Britain

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Norfolk: Frettenham, Parish Church of St Swithun

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sII 2a.

2a. Canopy top, with a crocketted finial set against a leaf diaper and surrounded by a border of alternate castles and plain ruby, with an outer fillet of white glass. The diaper is relieved from a smeared wash and the rest is painted with a thick trace-line or matt wash. c.1340 – c.1360. Three pieces new, external corrosion and some brown internal patina.
h 0.29m, w 0.43m
NMR AA51/05582 (1950, b&w print, CVMA inv. no. 009520)

2b. Canopy top, as 2a, with yellow-stain fleurs-de-lys instead of castles. c.1340 – c.1360. The panel is inside-out and about 20% new glass. Internal corrosion, with a little white crusting along the leads outside.
h 0.30m, w 0.44m
NMR AA51/05582 (1950, b&w print, CVMA inv. no. 009520)

2c. Canopy top, as 2b. c.1340 – c.1360. Over half the border new and one old piece inside-out. Corrosion as 2a.
h 0.30m, w 0.43m
NMR AA51/05582 (1950, b&w print, CVMA inv. no. 009520)

B1. Virgin Annunciate standing in white robe and mantle; the upper part is wrongly restored as an angel facing to dexter. The panel should be in B2, facing the figure of Gabriel, which should be in B1. Only the body of the Virgin, without head, arms and shoulders, is old. Yellow stain is used on the robe and the drapery is painted with trace-lines and modelled heavily with smear shading. No back-painting is visible. c.1340 – c.1360. Heavy exterior corrosion.
h 050m, w 0.43m
NMR AA51/05582 (1950, b&w print, CVMA inv. no. 009520)

B2. Nimbed and winged Angel Gabriel standing facing to sinister, wearing a robe and mantle with right arm extended with raised forefinger; the left hand holds a scroll that extends downwards and bears a text in blackletter script: 'ave gr/acia / plena do(minus) '. The angels stands on a piece of pot-green glass. The figure is set on a plain ruby background with a border of alternating quatrefoils and cross-hatching, with white roses in the foils to left and right. Technique as B1. c.1340 – c.1360. Ruby background, a piece of clear border at top, and three border pieces new; light exterior corrosion, heavier at base; some paint loss on head.
h 0.51m, w 0.43m
NMR AA51/05582 (1950, b&w print, CVMA inv. no. 009520)

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Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi

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