Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi

Medieval Stained Glass in Great Britain

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Norfolk: Cromer, Collection of David King


1. Fragment panel mainly of 15th-c Norwich work. On a rectangle in the centre is the torso from a figure of an angel of the order of thrones wearing a white tunic powdered with ‘t’s set on a foliage pattern and holding a pair of scales in its right hand, to which it points with the left. The figure has been given the head of a bearded man facing sinister, on which has been placed a crown. The rectangle is made up at the top with fragments of plain blue and ruby drapery, and below the figure is a large green piece of drapery with smear shading, and smaller fragments of ruby and white glass. The area outside the rectangle to left and right is filled mainly with canopy shafting, and there are more pieces of micro-architecture at the top, together with part of a figure wearing a white robe with a quatrefoil pattern in yellow stain, and a white mantle with a foliage pattern, beaded hem and ermine lining. To the right is another fragment of white drapery with a yellow-stain rosette pattern and in the middle is a basket of loves held by a hand, from an image of St Philip. Along the bottom are pieces of conventional cloud, rod-and-leaf ornament, and chequered paving. Trace-line, stipple-shading. White, ruby and green glass, with yellow stain. Green drapery, c.1330 – c.1380, the rest, c.1450 – c.1465. Cracks strap leaded. Repaired by G. King and Son c.1970–75.
h 0.40m, w 0.29m
DK (2007)

Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi

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