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Medieval Stained Glass in Great Britain

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The Medieval Stained Glass of Norfolk: Norfolk Overview

In 2006, the CVMA was awarded a special grant by the British Academy to develop a digital publication framework together with the Centre for Computing and the Humanities at King’s College, London. Web publishing offers a number of advantages: no space limitations, no constraints on size or number of colour illustrations, clickable menus and indexes, etc.

The county of Norfolk is especially rich in medieval stained glass, and the county survey is currently being prepared by David King, author of The Medieval Stained Glass of St Peter Mancroft, Norwich. It has been decided to make the catalogues of glass at individual sites available to the public as they are written up by the author, in the hope that the material will be appreciated and reviewed before final publication in book format.

David King’s research to date has been able to clarify and correct many of the inherited historical data to be found in the CVMA database. As these improvements are fed into the database, it will be possible to display more pictures with each site.

Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi

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