Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi

Medieval Stained Glass in Great Britain

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Place Site / Monument Groundplan Available?
B Brockdish (Norfolk) Sts Peter and Paul (4 images) No
Brockhall (Northamptonshire) Sts Peter and Paul (2 images) No
Brocklesby (Lincolnshire) All Saints (23 images) No
Brookland (Kent) St Augustine (5 images) No
Broomfield (Kent) St Margaret (2 images) No
Brough (Westmorland) All Saints (1 image) No
Broughton (Northamptonshire) St Andrew (1 image) Yes
Brumstead (Norfolk) St Peter (5 images) No
Brundall (Norfolk) St Lawrence (1 image) No
Buckenham (Norfolk) St Nicholas (1 image) No
Buckland (Gloucestershire) Buckland Rectory (5 images) No
Buckland (Gloucestershire) St Michael (5 images) No
Bulmer (Essex) St Andrew (12 images) No
Bulwick (Northamptonshire) St Nicholas (3 images) No
Bunbury (Cheshire) St Boniface (9 images) No
Bures (Suffolk) St Stephen (2 images) No
Burland (Cheshire) Burland Green Farm (2 images) No
Burnham Deepdale (Norfolk) St Mary (27 images) No
Burnham Market (Norfolk) St Mary (6 images) No
Burnham Thorpe (Norfolk) All Saints (2 images) No

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